Next course date:

London 7/8th December 2024 - St Marys university, Twickenham TW1 4SX

A 2-day practical, evidence-based course focused on the assessment and management of lumbar radicular syndrome


 Course Introduction

Managing patients with suspected radicular syndrome can be a daunting task. It requires seamless integration of medical triage, knowledge of best-available evidence, and neurological phenomena while navigating time constraints and very real clinical uncertainty. All of this, embedded within psychologically informed practice.

As the bio-medical model gives way to a more encompassing biopsychosocial model, modern healthcare professionals find themselves needing to live in both worlds. Radicular syndrome serves as a prime example, with clear tissue-based contributions but also some tricky situations that necessitate careful communication, justified imaging decisions, and shared decision-making.

Assessment of radicular syndrome requires judicious and economical utilization of neurological examinations and well-rehearsed handling skills. Providing support necessitates consistent reasoning and clear, conscious justification for referring patients through an established pathway or deciding not to refer them. In this two-day course, we'll bring these elements together in a friendly, practical, and logical format, free from unnecessary fluff.

What you will get:

  • A unique anatomical and terminology tour featuring original artwork.

  • Knowledge of the key pathophysiological causes and mechanisms underlying radicular syndrome through the use of original artwork.

  • Key scientific literature with implications to clinical practice.

  • An evidence-based stepped approach for managing people with lumbar radicular syndrome. From conservative to interventional management.

  • Key information on differentials, including somatic, upper tract, and vascular masqueraders, with guidance on onward referral when necessary.

  • Targeted communication strategies that promote honesty and avoid negative language.

  • The ability to navigate diagnostic and prognostic uncertainty.

    A patient-centred 'meet a person where they are' approach to activity management.

  • Participate in debates, discussions, and case studies to refine reasoning skills.

  • Indications and awareness of basic lumbar MRI.

  • Economical, clinically applicable assessment strategies, including neurological examination.

  • Access to members only resources - neuro exam videos, sensory and motor maps, dx summaries and more.

  • Contemporary digital patient information on painful lumbar radiculopathy & lumbar spinal stenosis to share with your patients.


About Adam

Adam Dobson is a Specialist Spinal Physiotherapist working for the NHS in the UK. Graduating from Teesside University in 2010, he soon specialised in musculoskeletal practice, developing a particular interest in supporting people with low back and spinal-related conditions.

He leads a multidisciplinary low back rehabilitation programme and works in a specialist triage clinic, where he provides daily support to people with radicular syndrome. It was in this setting that he began envisioning and developing the 'Painful Lumbar Radiculopathy' course, drawing from a wealth of experience and numerous evidence-based practical and clinical reasoning insights.

He has presented at national conferences and participated in numerous webinars, podcasts, face-to-face sessions, and online CPD events, all related to low back conditions, including lumbar radicular syndrome. Additionally, he serves as an executive member for both the National Spine Network and the regional NE CSP network.

Adam is passionate about making reliable patient information readily available in everyday practice. He has developed and continues to create NHS patient-facing resources aimed at supporting education and self-management. He pursues similar goals on social media.